Dannys Place

Who is Danny?

Danny is a typical young person dealing with weight related problems. They have tried to lose weight many times but it hasn’t worked. Danny has health issues from being overweight and is being teased at school. Danny’s parents have found it difficult to get the right help and support they need to tackle Danny’s problems.

What is Dannys Place?

Dannys Place is where you will find a dedicated team who provide young people like Danny and their families the opportunity to learn and grow into the healthiest version of themselves through the Be Your Best (BYB) Program.

What is the Be Your Best (BYB) Program

The Be Your Best (BYB) program is a complete medical, nutritional and lifestyle program for 10 -18 year olds with significant obesity related problems.


With a focus on individualised, and family centred, goal setting we provide medical, nutritional and lifestyle direction.


Our program emphasises overall health and well being, ensuring normal growth and development while attempting weight loss.


We provide ongoing support specific to the challenges of weight management in this age group (10-18 years).

Surgical Options

Surgery is rarely required in young people. However, if needed, Dannys Place provides access and support to bariatric surgery.


Current information on problems associated with childhood obesity and what works.

Understanding Childhood Obesity

Sharing latest info on areas that matter the most to you.

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What We Offer

A detailed evaluation of problems associated with childhood obesity & specific intervention measures.

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How we do it

Our BYB Program is structured as a 4 step process that begins with a referral from your local doctor.

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An opportunity to learn more about things at Dannys place.

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Meet Us

We are a child friendly team experienced in obesity management.

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Health Professionals

Do you have a patient that may benefit from Dannys place?

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