1. How much weight should I/ my child expect to lose?

Each individual program will be designed for a healthy safe sustainable weight loss. Actual weight loss targets will vary from person to person.

2. Are there any risks associated with weight loss as a child or adolescent?

Rapid weight loss can be associated with adverse effects on growth, development and overall heath. Our programs are designed for safe weight loss. Rate of weight loss, growth and development are closely monitored to ensure there are no adverse effects.

3. Am I/ my child overweight or obese?

This is determined by body mass index (BMI) which assesses weight in relation to height. BMI ranges for young people change to account for growth in height that is occurring. Use our BMI calculator to see if your weight or your child’s weight is healthy.

4. What are the consequences of being overweight or obese as a young person?

Being overweight or obese puts you/ your child at increased risk of health related complications as an adult. It also has further reaching effects on mental health, relationships, education and general wellbeing. We know that young people who are obese are likely to be obese as adults so it is important to intervene as early as possible.

5. Will weight loss reverse the damage done and risk to my/ my child’s future health?

Absolutely. We know that even a modest weight loss of 5% can improve overall health and reduce the risk of long term complications.

The BYB Program

1. How long does the program take?

The program is designed to be completed over 6 months. However, the duration will vary between individuals and based on your circumstances and needs. We know families are busy and understand that there are times when appointments need to be flexible. You can work with our Program coordinator to manage this.

2. What is the time commitment for the program?

Sessions can be conducted as frequently as 2 weekly on a Friday afternoon but depending on progress some appointments can be spread farther apart. The initial appointment is the longest at about 2 hours but most appointments last about 1 hour.

3. Why can't I see all the specialists independently?

The BYB program is designed in a way that each interaction with the selected Dannys Place team is progressive and focused on your needs. This integrated approach is what makes the Dannys Place experience one of a kind. If you already have specialists that you or your child see, you can keep in touch with them. We can also talk with them if you prefer and provide them with feedback on your child’s progress as needed.

4. Do I tell my family/ friends?

Who you tell is really up to you, as some family members and friends will be supportive and others may be less helpful. The team at Danny’s Place will be there to provide you and your family with strategies in dealing with these tricky situations.

5. How much exercise will I/ my child have to do?

Exercise is encouraged as it is important for overall health and wellbeing. However, for weight loss nutrition is initially more important than exercise, and therefore nutrition is the primary focus in the first stage of the BYB program. Exercise plans will be individualised and introduced for each child when appropriate.


1. Will my eating plan be a strict diet?

In the beginning any changes to your diet will feel strict.However, the BYB food program is designed to be flexible and work with your eating style.

2. Do I have to count calories ?

No. There is definitely no calorie counting involved. Your BYB food program will be flexible and is focused on controlling carbohydrate intake.

3. Will my child need different food to the rest of the family?

No. The success of any dietary approach is one that the whole family can follow. The Dannys Place team take the families needs into consideration when developing your food plan.

4. Do we have to buy any special dietary products?

No. There will not be any need to use meal replacements or expensive dietary supplements.

5. How fast will the weight loss be?

This will vary depending on age and the amount of support received. Studies show that health and weight loss outcomes are directly related to the amount of support that the individual receives. Our specialist team will monitor progress to ensure weight loss is safe and effective.


1. How do I know if my child could benefit from weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery is currently only available to those aged 14 years and older with severe obesity and related health problem. A thorough medical and psychological assessment must be completed first.

2. What type of weight loss operations are done in children?

The three main operations for weight loss are adjustable gastric banding , sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass. The procedure most recommended in Australia for children (14-18 years) is adjustable gastric banding.

3. How does surgery work?

The gastric band procedure works by drastically reducing stomach capacity, and also reducing hunger.

4. What are the risks associated with weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery is a major undertaking. Although it has been demonstrated to be safe and effective in young people, there is still a small chance of major complications.

5. What happens after surgery?

After surgery, there must be strict adherence to the specific dietary advice provided.

Payment & Costs

1. What are the out-of-pocket costs for the BYB program?

The BYB program has been structured to keep out of pocket costs to a minimum and has a flexible payment schedule. Rebates are available, however the exact monthly cost of the BYB program will depend upon your level of private health cover and the availability of an individual health care plan. For further details please contact us.

Understanding Childhood Obesity

This page provides answers to some of the basic questions about childhood obesity. The information provided is based on authoritative sources.

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