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What are the Steps of the BYB Program?

Step 1 - Access Dannys Place

Step 2 - Initial Consultation

Step 3 - Being your Best

Step 4 - Long Term Follow Up

Step 1 – Access Dannys Place

Dannys Place is not just another weight loss service. It is best accessed by a referral from your local doctor or specialist. This is in order to ensure that your child’s condition warrants our service and you are able to access medicare subsidy. After receiving a valid referral, our program coordinator will directly contact you to provide further information and arrange the first consultation.

You can find more information regarding the suitability of our service for your child in Understanding Childhood Obesity. We are also happy to answer any enquiries you have on the phone (08) 7231 1772.

Step 2 – Initial Consultation

The initial medical consultation will be with a paediatrician or paediatric surgeon.

This will involve a detailed evaluation of all obesity related issues requiring intervention. Further investigations and a followup review appointment are often required to complete this process. During this phase, Dannys Place will also facilitate access to other specialist services that maybe required..

During the course of these two visits a detailed description of our BYB program will be provided.

A report will be provided to you and your referring Doctor.

Step 3 – Being Your Best

The BYB program is conducted over 6 months as learning and applying new behaviours takes time. The first 3 months is an essential phase focused on working with our dietitian and the program coordinator to change current behaviour patterns while overseen by our paediatrician and any other medical support that is needed for your child. The following 3 months will continue to build onto the foundations of what has been achieved so that in due course, the young person and their family can show independence with behaviour change.

Program inclusions:
• 7 specialist dietitian appointments
• Up to 13 program coordinator education appointments
• Remote support as needed
• Unlimited follow up appointments with the Paediatrician as needed
• Access to other specialists as needed

Step 4 – Long Term Follow Up

Because obesity has a major impact on all areas of a young person’s life, it is essential that they understand long term support is available after the 6 month program ends. At Danny’s Place, just because the program has finished, it doesn’t mean that your care stops. Towards the end of the program, the team will meet with the young person and their family to discuss the best way forward for their needs. Most families keep coming back to Danny’s Place monthly to stay motivated and on track.

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