Be Your Best Program

The Be Your Best (BYB) program is a complete medical, nutritional and lifestyle program for 10 -18 year olds with significant obesity related problems.

It has been created to give young people the opportunity to become healthier, happier and more confident; while meeting their medical, nutritional and psychological needs.

The BYB program is the first program of its type in South Australia.

Comprehensive Specialist Services

Childhood obesity can impact health in a number of different ways. Dannys Place provides access to all necessary specialist services including surgical options.

Family Education Program

Apart from general information regarding obesity and nutrition, the BYB program works with the young person and their family to better understand the specific circumstances requiring change. It provides contextual information, in order to empower individuals and families make lasting positive change.

Ongoing Support

At Dannys Place we understand weight management creates very real challenges for both, the young person and their family members. Apart from providing intensive education in behaviour change, the BYB program also offers ongoing support and assistance in achieving long term health benefits.

What does the Be Your Best Program offer?


With a focus on individualised, and family centred, goal setting we provide medical, nutritional and lifestyle direction.


Our program emphasises overall health and well being, ensuring normal growth and development while attempting weight loss.


We provide ongoing support specific to the challenges of weight management in this age group.

Surgical Options

Surgery is rarely required in young people. However, if needed, Dannys Place provides access and support to bariatric surgery.


Dannys Place makes it easier to navigate through the enormous amount of health and dietary information currently available without feeling overwhelmed and lost.

Our team will work together with you and your child to establish appropriate goals and show you how to achieve these through making small but significant changes.


The BYB program is based on the current, best practice guidelines in managing childhood obesity.

With an emphasis on overall health and well being to ensure normal growth you will have regular contact with our paediatrician.

You will have access to the Dannys Place Program Coordinator who is an experienced obesity nurse and will be able to help address an issues or concerns during your time in the program.


At Dannys Place we understand weight management creates very real short and long term challenges for both, the young person and their family. Our support begins with a program coordinator who will provide intensive contact-face to face and remote.

In the longer term you can continue to have access to your team as you need in order to maintain motivation. 

Dannys place can also support transitioning to an adult support service.

Surgical Options

Although surgery is not a ‘first’ or a ‘stand alone’ option, there is increasing recognition of its role in managing severe obesity even in teenagers.

After a complete evaluation, the BYB program will offer access to surgical options based on internationally accepted guidelines.

The timing of surgery will be individualised based on other requirements as determined by the evaluation process.

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